Malawi Riots | Protest Demonstration in Malawi


Video | Kamuzu Chibambo addresses the press | Malawi 20July Protests


Video | Chilumpha addresses the press


Video | Blantyre demonstrations 20thJuly 2011


Video | DPP gangs take to the streets…

By Katie Lin from TwitVid With a #protest just around the corner, DPP sympathizers take to the streets with machetes in hand in Blantyre, #Malawi #humanrights

Trees Improve Lives in Malawi In this two minute film we discover how the introduction of specially bred trees has improved the soil, and raised yields for human...
Stan Nkhata

Interview with Stan Nkhata, Malawi Ministry of Finance, on the Aid...

[youtube] This is an interview with Stan Nkhata, Deputy Director of the Debt and Aid Division of the Ministry of Finance, Malawi. He...

APU Graduation Day Video 2011


HIV-positive parents in Malawi give birth to HIV-negative daughter


Interview with Dr. Kim Yi Dionne Oct 2010

Dr. Kim Yi Dionne is a political scientist with expertise on Malawi who helped me pull the kinks out of Bush League. The...

Fish With Human-Like Lips

A fish with human lips. I think it's a Malawi Cichlid but I'm not sure.   [youtube]  

Mawa langa (Short Firm Review)

Made in association with Temwa and YONECO - a 51 minute participatory HIV and AIDS awareness drama for primary school children in Malawi PFP...

Although a fertile country, Malawi is prone to drought and disease

Although a fertile country, Malawi is prone to drought and disease. Its farmers live under the constant threat of crop failure and food...

Don’t Drink & Drive: This Is Intense

Father Runs Over His Own Baby Boy

Somebody’s 80-Year-Old Great Grandma Robbing People At Gunpoint!

The Game (Feat. Lil Wayne) – Red Nation

This morning (May 12), rapper Game premiered his banned-from-MTV-and-BET music video for 'Red Nation,' the Lil Wayne-assisted lead single off his chronically-delayed 'R.E.D....

Malawi Outreach 2011

The Malawi Outreach is coming up! If you are interested and want to know more, come to the chapel after the sunday. [youtube]