Thanks for your interest in Dot Solutions Malawi, with a reach of over 1 million unique visit a month through our network of sites in Malawi alone. We are Malawi’s number 1 digital marketing and PR agency with experienced growth every year. Never heard of us? That’s ok. Maybe you have heard about some of our clients listed below; We think a bit differently, we don’t just do our bit, and we don’t blame the parts or the infrastructure. The creative, the platform, the user experience, the SEO, the PPC copy, the analytics, the CMS. We join them up and build, market and measure everything against the single goal of growing revenue for your business. We utilize strategic website development, creative and social media campaigns to drive business growth digitally from the bottom line to the top of online traffic coming from your target market. Without the excuses!

Thank you to our clients and community for being so supportive of us and this Online Marketing Blog over the years. We’ve been fortunate to work with some amazing companies like:

Located in the Silly Con Valley of Malawi
  • Airtel Malawi (through marketing agency Roofhouse) – Airtel Malawi has been super active in online advertising since early 2013, so when approached by roofhouse if we could advertise the Airtel brand across some of our network sites, we were exhaled to do so. Knowing how much the brand has given and still is giving to Malawi its an honor to be at work with the Airtel Brand and Roofhouse team led by Isaac Bukhu and Rodgers Sailos
  • Carlsberg Malawi (through marketing agency Dovetales) – There was a short term campaign that we were contracted for by Carlesberg for the DJ Chill competition, we can say the campaign went well and we were recommended by the agency Dovetales which we are both working together to come up with a fresh new campaign for the DJ Chill competition sponsored by Carlesberg Malawi, in an effort to promote music and culture across the nation.
  • Malawi Music – Malawi Music came to us at the start of their project the guys had written a software quite unique and wanted to have it accessible on the web. We helped them push their visibility by introducing  Mobile marketing.
  • Nanchengwa Lodge Lake Malawi -The team fell in love with Nanchengwa Lodge the first time we went there, Ryan and Dayni are amazing people
  • Ubwino Wa Amayi
  • Lawyers and Solicitors (UK)
  • Bluezone Water pumps
  • Proto feeds
  • Training4ChangeS (US)
  • Lawyers Solicitors (UK)
  • Malawi IPS Tea
  • Nyumba 24 – Malawi real-estate and property.
  • The troubles of finding houses to rent in Malawi were minimized with the introduction of Nyumba24 – Davison Makhole (Sales Rep)
  • Fat Monkeys (Cape McClear) – Fat Monkeys – Everyone’s favourite destination. Our perfect weekend would be start off on Friday from Blantyre stop at Nanchengwa Lodge in Mangochi chat with Ryan and Dayni. Spend the night at Nanchengwa, wake up the next day and leave for Fat Monkeys in Cape Maclear that afternoon and spend evening and next morning in the clear waters of Cape Mac. Fat Monkeys is a lovely place and everytime we go there we have an awesome time that why when Kula Creative brought the project to us, we gave a website that you will not see anywhere else because there is only one Fat-Monkeys.
  • Lomadef – Lomadef is a NGO that was started by a villageman in 1979, a man names Jailos.   The NGO is still running and help disabled people learn how to grow their own foof.  In our office we believe growing your own food is like printing your money. So we got involved and worked with Ntcheu-based project manager of Lomadef Peter Joram.
  • Guaranteed Builder (UK) (Coming soon)
  • LDI – Leadership Development Institute of Malawi
  • Capital FM Ltd Malawi- ( )
  • National Bank Malawi- (Coming soon)
  • TNM – Malawi – We are currenly working with TNM on Malawi Music Desktop website.
  • Cars265 – 
  • Donnas Eggs – 
  • (ZA MASEWERA) Malawi-Sports – 
  • Finance-Articles.ORG –  – We were contacted by a client who wanted to create a community of Finance experts, where people involved in Finance could share their latest findings and read about the latest trends in the finance world. The project also helps people with personal finance issues and advice by providing an archive of articles spread across different Finance related topics.

We’ve been growing digital businesses since 2002, and the most commonly cited obstacle to growth is the site and platform. Over the years we’ve heard the words and phrases, “fragile”, “slow”, “complex to change”, “lacking in capability” and “dated platforms” more times than we can share. Ultimately, these and other site shortcomings hold back your ability to trade, market, analyse and perform, all of which are the levers to growth. If you would like to learn more about what we do, please fill your email below.

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Dot Create – Evolving technology and the proliferation of resources about how to succeed on the social web has really leveled the playing field for smart marketers. Or at least the perception of it. With so many companies simply parroting the success of others that pioneer and pave the way, it’s important to distinguish your brand.

Mobile Marketing – Mobile  is the most effective digital advertising in Africa, coming in at double the price of desktop, but delivers almost 6 times the conversion rate. The growth in mobile usage has seen mobile search rapidly take over desktop search.  But it’s not just mobile handsets alone, there are tablet devices that also require consideration to the way consumer’s access your business brand on the internet. Rather than overhauling your entire search strategy and focusing entirely on mobile, it’s important to consider a multi-screen strategy and we can help you with all that.