Good evening the beautiful people of Malawi. Today is a great day, as today we launched our job feature on  This has been a long way coming, It is something that has been asked by our many users time and time again. Unfortunately we could not get the technical side of this to work correctly for quite some time now, its only recently that we made a break-through. The problem was that the team here at Face of Malawi did not see how this was going to be incorporated into the already working website and the actual final networking product that we had working since our Launch. But with the help of our friends in Blantyre and Zimbabwe, we have managed to add the new feature and also keep the exisiting functionality of Face of Malawi, which is currently getting a lot of positive coverage amongst the local people here in Malawi and also the internet.

So you might wonder; what is this job feature we are so excited about and how does it work; believe it or not its pretty simple and robust.  And will work for you, we know because we have been testing it the last three months.  What we have done is agreed with companies in Malawi to send us their job offers before they hit the newspapers and other media. When they send us these jobs, they go to a special email address that automatically posts the offer on our face of malawi job section .  Not only that but the categories also include sponsorships and scholarships available to Malawians at any time of the year. But unfortunately the guys here are also human, so by any chance we missed your company and you would also like to have your job offers listed on Face of Malawi, please ask your hr department to use this contact form to contact us.

We believe that reducing the unemployment population in Malawi can definately help develop Malawi quickly and fight poverty. To all those who contributed to this project, thank you very much. Everything is free here at face of Malawi and we do not ask you to click any Google adverts, but if you have any suggestions and recommendations please feel free to email them to us at As always, all this would not be possible without your support and your visits, so thank you all very much.

Good luck in finding work and God Bless.

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