In marketing there are the four P’s, namely product, price, promotion, and place. With that in mind we present the drawn up four P’s for Face of Malawi and these are, people, place, problems and potential/possibilities.


This aspect we explore the question of what it means to be Malawians

  • Our culture, traditions, lifestyle and beliefs.
  • Our different ethnic groups, and each group’s history, their customs, food, dressing, festivals etc.


This is the aspect that will deal with tourism.

  • We acquired profiles and pictures of all major tourist sites and destinations.
  • Profiles of our cities and towns, and anything significant about them that makes them unique or remarkable.


Here we let the world know about all the problems our nation is facing such as; poverty, disease, water etc.


This is the most important of, because this is where members come together and help assess the positive things of our nation and our strengths, skills and expertises at our disposal and how we can effectively deploy these so we can begin to develop our nation and begin an era of self dependence.

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