In recent months, we have noticed that Malawians have adopted a retrogressive strategy of interfering with court judgments through frequent appeals. What is happening in Malawi is that cases are not getting closed quickly in court like before. The Icarus paradox warns against over usage of a strategy. A successful technique if over-exploited can become the organization’s downfall. While court appeals are a legal provision, what worries citizens is the frequency.

Professor Greiner of Harvard Business School advises that different phases of growth require different management techniques.  A successful management technique that worked for one growth stage can be disastrous for the next stage.

Why the strategy of challenging every court judgment being favored?

Could it be it achieves two objectives namely to delay court fines to citizens or to subject citizens to emotional stress?

Why does the state not appeal against judgments that send innocent citizens to jail?

In a democracy, it is irresponsible for those in government to be discriminatory.

Why is the International Community quite on this?

We ask the international community to help poor Malawians to live in peace. The appeals should be exceptional. Malawians are ready to cooperate with members of the international community who have a passion for human rights, rule of law and governance.

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