Magnificent, joyful music
Sitting in at the goat roast.
As I stated a few posts ago, I had the opportunity to sit in with a band in Malawi at the goat roast. The bandleader is named James Msalakwa and the band was named Jirere. You can see the band name on the drums.
Sitting in at the goat roast.
Sitting in with Jirere.

The drummer was impressive. His hi-hat was made of bicycle wheels. Before sitting in, I went up to buy a CD from them. Here’s the audio I recorded while buying the CD.

Listen to how tight the hi-hat is! With bicycle wheels!

One of the residents, Caryl, talked with me while I was buying the CD and helped me figure out how much they cost. You can hear James tell me it was 2000 Kwacha, which she says is $12. Then Caryl asks me if I want to bargain with him. I say, “What’s the upside of that?” and give him $20.

Here’s Caryl’s blog about the same night.

Magnificent, joyful music.

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