by Andrew Kamwambi
Taking a peek through a keyhole of old memories
Sweet remembrances of your loquaciousness are still fresh
Flashes of our blossoming love are still vivid
Neither was my love for you farfetched nor was it flattery
But you opted for the latter
Little did I know you were a jezebel

Your satisfactory conduct left a lot to be desired
Your light-mindedness and brains marked you from the rest
For you never subscribed to blab
Thus you were a hard nut
But alas! I should have known better
That I fell prey to your game

All I see now are secrets betraying your real self
For the deceitful and embarrassing character still haunts you
Never shall peace rest on you
I pity you
Bitter the pill may be the bottom line remains
You are nothing but a cheat, period!

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