A Letter to Habitat for Humanity – Malawi


i have an issue to write as a journalist, as below, i wanted to do an interview with you (Face of Malawi) and habitat but i did not manage to get habitat contacts

I am a journalist who works as a part time agent for different media houses.

I have a story to write, i have notice from my investigation that habitat for humanities malawi is forcing its beneficiaries to sign a new agreement which has interest when they arleady have another contract which is cancelled.

From my study am told you are forcing them that if they will not accept they will be snatched and evicted from their houses. The interest have gone at 18% in 5 years and you did not discuss with them to agree anything liker the change, the interest rate, the number of years. Some values i saw were increasing by more than 80% i.e. one had 350,000 and it went to 530,000

Further to this you are forcing those who are signing to indicate the date as if they signed in january when you are forcing them to sign in April.
You are lying to each individual that their friends have arleady signed when nobody has signed.

We therefore would like to try seek an interview with you to get an update on the following;

  • Is it true you are making them sign by using deceit that all their friends have signed and if they will not sign you will evict them.
  • I have read the first contract and from my interview the beneficiaries have not breached the contract , what made you introduce the second contract without consulting them.
  • They are saying you are deceiving them that you did a survey long time ago, but you have only changed for them and they chose the contract because of the conditions stated, why did you not treat each eneficiary as your customer to hear them.
  • You are charging interest, do you have a contract for that and what is your article and memo of association say.
  • Area you still an NGO and should MRA continue to treat you as such or they need to start charging you taxes.
  • What are you going to do to those who will not manage this so called like punishing contracts, and if you chase them dont you see yourself behaving as a private conmpany and MRA should do the same?
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