By Clement Ny



In January 2011, 4000 copies of the second edition of a combined Chichewa-English and English-Chichewa Dictionary were distributed for free to pupils, teachers and libraries of some 30 secondary schools in Malawi. The book has been in shops in Malawi and Zambia since mid-2010.

Namikango Mission and the Tithandizane Educational Programme provided for the logistics of the operation. By free distribution to learners who have no economical means of their own, the Dictionary Project of Foundation Heart for Malawi, led by Dr. Steven Paas, wants to provide a tool for communication to Chichewa spoken Africa, thus promoting education and development.

This  project is being enabled by those who buy the book for themselves and for others, and by those who sponsor the Project. Apart from the book, the dictionary is accessible online.


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