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Start of the Work ·         End 2007 Stanley Futch graduates from our Bible College as one of our top students.

  • He is robbed of his papers and soon thereafter deported by the police to Malawi.  We lose contact with him for months.
  • With much personal hardship he eventually reaches Lilongwe and immediately starts preaching, contacting us in due course.  The work shows immediate growth and we supply him with guidelines and various materials.
  • We send him monthly financial support which continues until now.


Growth of the Work

·         The work grows so rapidly that It necessitates a visit.

  • Beginning 2009 three of us visit him there and preach at different locations.
  • We purchase a little Church building near Lilongwe which can seat about 80-100 people at a push.
  • The work continues to grow necessitating a further visit.
  • We visit him again in July 2010 and give training to 30 fine workers.
  • We also take with us 2 bicycles as well as food and clothing and some further extra financial support.
  • From July 2010 until September the works grows by 800 people.
  • During September 2010 he baptizes 1833 baptismal candidates.


Present status

·         He and his helpers ministers to over 3500 people.

  • Included in these there are about 1700 children without any specific Children’s Ministry.
  • Meetings take place in 17 locations, some of them very far away from his home and on very treacherous roads.  All meet in the open except for the one Church building which we purchased in 2009.
  • We manage to secure special funding for a motorcycle and this has been bought, making his life so much easier.
  • From specially obtained funds we purchase 38 Bibles.  They need hundreds more.
  • Desperate need for further training.
  • Tremendous opportunity for much needed ministry amongst the children.
  • Many more Bibles needed.
  • Great opportunities to assist, give direction to the work and evangelize.
  • The whole region is open to us and at the moment the false sects are not invading where we are going.
  • The roads to most of these places are very difficult to reach and it is impossible for Stanley to continue visiting all the Churches.
  • He is in much need of strategic help in many directions and we seek to make contribution to this.
  • February 2011 we purchase a Kia Sportage from specially donated funds to negotiate the rough roads on the way to and in Malawi.


Planned action

We have planned a special trip to teach children, evangelize, train workers and assist as much as we possibly can.


Lord willing, on 22nd June this year Pastor Trevor together with Colsie Kloppers and Michael Barnes (USA) will leave in our specially purchased vehicle (funded from the USA) intending to arrive there on the 24th June and to leave again on the 7th July.


It is a one-way journey of over 3000 kilometres with numerous border crossings, all kinds of fees to be paid to cross into the different countries and of course accommodation along the way and also in Malawi.


On 2nd July 2011 (flying in here on the 1st July) Gaye Reynolds (who went with us on the first visit), Rev Chris Robeson (Pastor of Coulter Road Baptist Church, Amarillo – sponsors of the vehicle for the Malawi trip) and Pastor Brian Taylor will fly into Lilongwe to join in the training and evangelism.


In the vehicle we shall also be taking various lesson helps for children, the Jesus film in their local language namely Chichewa as well as a projector and screen.


Our aim is to do as much training as we can, preach the Gospel wherever we go, particularly using the Jesus film, train up children’s workers and (through Brian Taylor who has done extensive work in West Africa) amongst others training in suitable worship practices.


On the 7th July following a fully packed and very demanding time, all our missionaries will return, three by plane and the other three will take the long road back to Johannesburg.


Partner with us

·         Above all prayer and more prayer from now on until they return.  Pray for protection on the road, smooth border transitions as well as protection against Malaria which at times is rife in that area.

  • Pray particularly for leaders there to be better equipped and more leaders to arise to strengthen the work.
  • Pray for a sound foundation to be laid and strengthened for the work to grow and blossom even more than until now.
  • Special blessings on preaching and teaching and particularly the ‘Jesus film’ wherever it will be shown.
  • There is great need for properly established children’s work.  The potential is very great.  Pray for this.
  • Financial support.  This is a very costly endeavour and we need much financial support.  Please pray and consider whether or not the Lord is stirring your heart to give, even give sacrificially so that we can minister effectively and meaningfully  to a people in extreme poverty and much, much less privileged than what we are.


May the Lord bless richly as you consider this tremendous opportunity for indeed:

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