Confidence survives eviction and Jossy bites the dust as Danny moves into Tails House on Big Brother Amplified


Sunday night’s H?g? Brother Amplified, live eviction exhibit w?? complete ?f suspense h?w???r wh?n th? dire w?? cast, Namibia’s Jossy become th? first casualty ?n th? exciting sixth season ?f th? TV reality series.  Th? surprises ?n th? night ?t?rt?d w?th Zeus breaking ?t t? ?th?r housemates th?t ?? Head ?f House, h? saved himself fr?m eviction ?nd replaced himself w?th Vimbai.

A shocked Vimbai smiled wh?n ?h? realized th?t Zeus h?d saved himself ?nd ?l??? h?r ?n danger ?f being th? first H?g? Brother Amplified Housemate t? b? evicted. Zeus ???d th?t w?? a tough ?h???? th?t h?d left h?m w?th a abundance ?f guilt exceptionally ??n?? th? two ?f th?m h?d gotten a abundance closer ?ft?r h? m?d? th? ?h???? earlier ?n th? week. H? ???d th?t h? felt th?t Vimbai w?? b?gg?r equipped t? constitute ?t ?n th? outside earth, ?f ?h? w?? voted outside, h?w???r hoped th?t th? viewers voted t? keep h?r ?n th? House.

Th? two hugged ?ft?r Zeus announced Vimbai w??ld b? th? sixth Housemate t? face imaginable Eviction, instead ?f th? Head ?f House. Zeus accompanied h?r t? th? bedroom, together w?th a hardly ?n? girls, t? pack h?r bags within ten minutes. Vimbai w?? evidently teary ?? ?h? packed up f?r imaginable eviction.

H?g? Brother host, IK later called ?ll six nominated housemates onto th? stage ?nd d?d a q???k interview w?th th?m before breaking th? results ?f th? voting t? th? housemates. Danny ???d h? missed Luclay th? m??t during th? week ?nd wh?n IK q???t??n?d ?f h? didn’t miss Lotus ?? well, h? laughed ?nd ???d h? missed h?r a abundance ?? well. Jossy recounted th? oil wrestling task ?? h?? m??t memorable moment ?n th? house; wh?l? Confidence ?l?r?f??d th?t ?h? w?? ??rt??n ?h? w?? nominated f?r eviction ??n?? th? ?th?r housemates know ?h? ?? competition.

Vimbai ?l?? ?l?r?f??d th?t ?h? understood th?t Zeus h?d t? constitute a tough ?nd strategic ?h???? ?nd ?? wouldn’t bear ?n? grudges w?th h?m ?f ?h? w?nt back ?nt? th? house. Weza ???d h?r l?rg??t challenge w?? getting t? know th? different human beings fr?m different cultures ?nd admitted t? having t? deal w?th ??m? egos ?? well. Sh? ?l?r?f??d th?t ?h? w?? down ?ft?r th? calendar shoot task earlier ?n th? week ??n?? ?h? wasn’t ??rt??n ?f h?w Africa w??ld react t? th? nudity th?? d???r?b?d.  Finally Vina ???d ?h? ?l?? knew ?h? w?? nominated ??n?? th? others saw h?r ?? a threat. Sh? ???d ?h? h?d learnt t? trust ??m? human beings ?nd n?t t? trust others.

IK th?n q???t??n?d Weza, Vina, Confidence ?nd Vimbai t? stand up ?nd later q???t??n?d th?m t? g? back t? th? house. Two Housemates th?t remained ?n stage, Jossy ?nd Danny, d?d n?t know wh?t H?g? Brother h?d ?n store f?r th?m. Th?? sat th?r? w?th suspense ?nd confusion painted ?n th??r faces.  Before h? announced wh? w?ll b? going house ?nd wh? t? th? Tails House, IK q???t??n?d Danny t? leave th? stage ?nd announced th?t “Th? first Housemate t? b? evicted fr?m th? H?g? Brother Amplified House ?? Jossy”. H? w?? th? Housemates th?t received th? l???t number ?f nation votes ?nd w?? evicted fr?m th? exhibit t? g? house. Danny received th? second l???t number ?f votes ?nd w?? sent t? th? Tails House.

Lotus ran ?nd jumped ?t Danny w?th h?r legs encircling h?m, ?? h? walked ?nt? th? Tails House ?ft?r h?? Heads Eviction. Th? Tails Housemates q???t??n?d h?m h?w h? g?t th?r? ?nd h? t?ld th?m h? w?? nominated ?nd faced Eviction, h?w???r wasn’t ??rt??n ?f Josy h?d b??n sent house ?r n?t. Danny q???t??n?d th? Tails Housemates wh?t th?? h?d b??n doing th? whole week, ?f th?? d?d n?t nominate one another. Th? Tails Housemates gathered encircling h?m ?nd each w?? k??n t? inquiry h?m a inquiry ?b??t th? happenings ?n th? Heads House.

Meanwhile th? four girls returned t? th? Heads house excited. A? th?? entered th? house, Confidence kept screaming ‘W?’re back!’ wh?l? Weza br?k? down ?n tears. Confidence continued th? jubilations b? screaming ‘thanks Africa!’ ?nd ?t?rt?d t? tear up ?? well. Th?? received hugs fr?m th? ?th?r housemates wh? seemed ?l????d t? h??? th?m back h?w???r unsure ?f th? fate ?f Danny ?nd Jossy.

Confidence ?nd Wendall later ?n discussed strategies ?ft?r th? Eviction Exhibit. Sh? kept saying ?h? w?? grateful t? Africa f?r standing behind h?r ?nd keeping h?r ?n th? House. Sh? elaborated ?n h?w ?h? w?ll live b? h?r designation ?nd h??? confidence ?n h?r abilities t? stay ?n th? House. Wh?l? puffing away ?n a cigarette, ?h? ???d ?h? ?l?tt?d t? delight ?n h?r Sunday knowing th?t Africa wanted h?r t? stay ?n th? House, much though ??m? ?n th? House wanted h?r outside.

Here ?? h?w Africa voted ?t th? ?nd week:

Weza: 6 nation votes, Angola, Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa, Malawi, Botswana (24%)

Vina: 3 nation votes, Nigeria, Rest ?f Africa, Uganda (20%)

Vimbai: 3 nation votes, Zimbabwe, Mozambique ?nd Kenya (17%)

Confidence: 1 nation ballot, Ghana (18%)

Danny: 1 nation ballot, Ethiopia (11%)

Jossy: 1 nation ballot, Namibia (9%)

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