Is politics a question of different rules, the same game? When answering the National Referendum question of “Yes/No” in 1992, little did Malawians know democracy was a process that changes with leadership styles. The fact is that it had a starting point without and end point. The first General Elections held in 1994 were a mere starting point and is recurring process.
Malawians endorsed the tedious process for the desire to taste freedom of choice of leaders unlike in the past when leaders were imposed on them. This is because democratically elected leaders are servants of the people who elected them. Proponents of the single party apparatus voted “no” to maintain the status quo under the guise of preserving state security.
It is strange today to listen to attempts by sycophants who want to perpetuate family rule in a democracy by raping the National Constitution of Malawi. I a broad day light, the public broadcaster has been converted into a propaganda machine to win illegitimate sympathy votes from ignorant citizens.
This amounts to criminal act that deserves condemnation from well meaning citizens. How could a brother consecutively take over from a brother in the top most job in the country ? This is a quintessential of high level corruption and yet the Anti-Corruption Bureau is just watching without taking any action. Why is that so? This is the danger of nepotism.
In summary, Malawians have to become their own liberators not to vote for the legalization of corrupt deeds. Let us say No to corruption and Stop nepotism. Our democracy is now in a test tube. Long Live to Democracy. Long live to Freedom.

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