It is very strange to hear from the mouth of President Bingu wa Mutharika the allegation that Vice President Joyce Banda does not appreciate the good things he did for her to be lifted from nothing to become Vice President of the Public. The allegation has made many Malawians to question the morality of Bingu wa Mutharika. Simeon Chisale questioned the morality of the President;” if there is anyone who should be most grateful is Bingu himself. Bingu was nothing after losing his job at COMESA. He was driving a Mini bus from Lilongwe to Likuni and drinking Kachasu”. It was only Bakili Muluzi appointed him Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank that he started recover his lost glory.

Mwalimu Julius explained “ Bingu had a long neck and worn out socks which were short for his trousers. It was after Muluzi made him Deputy Governor that he started to wear good suits”. Those who used to see Bingu lament that instead of respecting Muluzi for saving from premature death from drinking Kachasu he decides to victimize him mentor. Saul’s Phiri concurred with the Mwalimu;” Bingu should have been dead by now like his first wife if it were not for Muluzi”

A government official who refused to give his identity questioned the morality of Bingu’” Bingu is blaming Joyce Banda for not being grateful, how about himself when all senior government positions are given to Alomwe of his Mlakho, was it only alomwe who voted for him? Some people say there is no Yao in Bingu’s cabinet. And there is no Minister from Dedza.

With these revelations it is not advisable for Bingu to be castigating Joyce Banda for not being ungrateful. His actions to Muluzi and UDF have been lesson to all Malawians not to be grateful. Just imagine out of the people who helped Bingu to form the DDP, he cannot find anyone to takeover from him in 2014 but his young brother. What does that tell us? Bingu is a selfish person who wants everything to himself or his family. This is the disease that will kill UDF. Muluzi wants his immature baby to lead the presidential race for him to go for the 3rd term. Both Muluzi and Bingu have no morals. They treat Malawians as fools. My advice to Joyce Banda is that keep it up. Do not worry about what the old man is saying. Some of the things are from his prostitute who claims to have worked with you at Hunger Project. Bingu now thinks he is God to tell Malawian who to vote for. He will regret in 2014.

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