The Recycling of thrift ‘s Gravenzande foundation gives € 4.900 to FloJa Malawi. Through this donation will allow approximately 50 children taken care of instead of the current 25. The total, € 18.700 Recycling away to charity, including € 2,500 for The Rainbow Tree, helping sick children in Westland. € 2,000 Hope to go to Albania, for the refurbishment of a psychiatric hospital.
Floor Willemsen and Jan de Groot help children in Malawi orphaned by AIDS and family life but often disadvantaged. FloJa the shelter of Malawi provides for these AIDS orphans with education, good food and loving attention. These children are in the afternoon and night with family, so their roots do not lose.
The donations from The Recycling from the sale of used items. People with a
warm heart for a good cause may submit applications via

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