Yahoo Travel has voted Lake Malawi as the number one most beautiful lake in the world. The lake, which stretches up to 363 miles in length and is home to over 1000 species of fish, has topped the list, beating rivals such as Lake Garda, Peyto Lake and many more, what an accomplishment!

Malawi itself has also been in the lime light once again this year. This time, holding a place in the top ten places in the world to find happiness. Not only this, but this was published in USA Today by world renowned travel writer Paul Theroux. When describing Lake Malawi, one of the many best features in Malawi, he states,

“It’s a very big, deep lake, with hotels all along the lakeshore. If I were a tourist, that’s where I would go, and there are also game parks in the north where you can see elephants and giraffes and other animals.”

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