Nsanje Port
By Our Correspondent
The so called Nsanje world inland port which was opened by the state president of Malawi Bingu Wa Mutharika Back in october 2010,has now turned into a fishing ground.
Ominously ten months have elapsed since it was inaugurated in the presence of Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe and Zambias Rupiah Banda but in the absence of Almando Guebuza President of Mozambique.”We’re happy that Mutharika built us a fishing pond.We used to go very far away crossing shire river but now we are doing it at the port.These are words of fishermen based in Nsanje district where the port was built.
It was on the very same day when the burge carrying 30 metric tones was expected to dock at the port.
On this day Malawian and including foreigners attended the opening ceremony but people were taken aback by his speech (Mutharika)when he said papers to allow the bulge to pass through Mozambique went missing hence detained in the country.
Close to 3 billion kwacha was used to construct the 1st phase of the port.
Malawians are still waiting as to when the bulge will dork at the port with 30metric tonnes of fertilizer.
Minister of transport and public infrastructure Sidiki Mia has been saying that very shortly Government will start the feasibility study along the shire Zambezi water way.The question is which starts first between feasibility study and the port?
Recently a group of 8 officials of different departments from Mozambique told the press that only one district of Mozambique will benefit from this port and insisted that their country will not take part in this development.
Before opening of the port workshops and media tours were done at the port and this was when the president was the ChairPerson of Africa Union.When his term of office expired it ended there.
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