Boy, where has the time gone? Just three days before my adventure here in Malawi there really is, and I fly back to the Netherlands. I can not grasp how quickly the last 2.5 months have gone. Today is a holiday here in Malawi (Republic Day). Because all schools are closed, can I use good day to work on my completion and transfer. Last week was again a very special week. So on Monday we were really faced with the fuel crisis. We could not find diesel fuel at the weekend, so we could not work. Ultimately, Simeon and Msika on Monday found diesel in Mulanje, 2.5 hours drive from Chikwawa. This enabled us to do Tuesday happy to get that extra week and we need hard work to still all 38 schools in Chikwawa, which are part of the project. Almost all schools in Chikwawa now have the materials for the first phase of the project received and it is heartening to see how motivated everyone has gone to work as soon as possible to finalize the project. Meanwhile, WFP already started with the delivery of materials for the second phase (wood and roof plates), but here we are again dependent on the availability of sufficient diesel. At present it is unclear whether these materials will be able to be extradited. Then there’s the sign action. During my stay in Malawi is in the business where I work (Data and Document Management), a fundraiser held by colleagues. The proceeds of this action I can buy 1320 plates and spoons to distribute in schools. This idea originated when I saw that many schools are not enough plates and spoons were the daily meal to share. As a result, the children improvised signs with their fingers or just rulers were eating their porridge. In total I have here, thanks to all colleagues who have contributed, seven schools make very happy. See the photos as evidence in my blog. Since last week my last week in Chikwawa I had already bid farewell to everyone I have met there in the eight weeks that I’ve lived. I can do it appropriately during the farewell party was organized specially for me by some employees of the Matechanga Motel. Among the employees was a fundraiser held for the festival to fund. Truly a heartwarming gesture. And it was certainly a feast! Loud music, speeches, lots of dancing and even pieces of goat on the BBQ! Besides I could not leave without first Chikwawa a number of local dishes tasted have been specially prepared for me. So last week I learned that you also just a pigeon can eat the bones as well (!?)…. I still able to meet a traditional (slimy) vegetable dish that is prepared with soda! Good food here so I can say that I am here and my horizons have in the past period. This last week I am so back to work in Phalombe. We have four days to visit all 42 schools, to monitor progress of construction and to the schools that the first project phase (foundation) have realized to pay. From the project, each school receives MWK 30,000 (€ 140, -) for a completed building. This amount is used to pay construction workers participate and also works as an extra incentive to actually projects to complete. This method certainly works we have in the past few days in almost all schools visited had been confirmed. The schools here are also working hard on the buildings. It’s really great to see the building development and the pride of the builders when they show what they have done. Even here in Phalombe is that we are dependent on sufficient diesel to the materials for the next stage to deliver. It remains a little exciting to see how the plan will develop further. The motivation of the schools and the efforts of the WFP staff here is in any case. Looking back at my stay in Malawi, I look back on a really beautiful time in which I saw and learned a lot. I am grateful that I am here in the last period a (small) contribution to make to have this beautiful, but very poor country with very cheerful, kind and sincere people who live here, that every day is a struggle to make to make sure that they night they give children something to eat … I’m happy here with my own eyes can see that the money annually by all PostNL colleagues collected for Malawi is extremely well spent and I hope therefore, that we can continue to do for a long time. I want everyone in the past period has followed my blog thanks for all the fun, beautiful and motivational responses.From late August, Dirk Broker Network VSP from the role of project manager for the School Feeding Programme in Malawi are going to take over. See you in Netherlands! Sincerely, Jolene

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