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Mr. Zikhale Ng’oma Pic by Nyasa Times

Congratulations for the negotiations that are being meditated by the United Nations in Lilongwe. Unless otherwise, the UN is the rightful organization to mediate. Even if the invitation for mediation were extended by Bingu to Mr. Ban-ki Moon, one thing is true all parties must accept the mediator. This could involve the choice of the individuals. The UN is an abstract term but it is the team leader in Malawi who must be accepted or not. Yesterday, Joy Radio announced that Mr. Zikhale Ng’oma was defending the mansion at Ndata Farm. He was claiming that the house was relative to Bingu’s previous jobs. That is very unfortunate indeed. What Zikhale does not seem to appreciate is that many Malawians saw Bingu from the time he returned to Malawi, starting up his United Party and how he lost the 1999 Presidential elections. Why did Bingu dissolve his UP party to join the UDF? What job was Bingu doing before being salvaged from the streets by Muluzi? Bingu was simply finished and that is why Muluzi had compassion to save him from premature death. Bingu was a mini bus driver and he did that without a conductor. To suggest that Bingu had money before becoming a president is laughable. Bingu bought Ndata Farm after becoming president. He also constructed the mansion after becoming a president and Mota Engels constructed the mansion while it was also constructing untendered contracts from government to build roads. Bingu knows why he thought this was the best arrangements. Secondly, Bingu knows how the ACB dealt with Muluzi on Keza Office Park and Jumbe on his Superior hotel. They were asked to explain how the found money in excess of their formal income to construct them. That was meant to be transparency. Now Bingu does not want to explain how and where he got the money to construct the mansion? The issue is not about the number of bedrooms but source of the money used. The Civil Society leaders deserve commendation for rejecting Zikhale’s explanations. That is covering up corruption.

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