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God, please help Malawi.  Joy radio reported at lunch time that the DPP was reported to have been sponsoring reverends from the Lomwe belt to win church elections in the CCAP Blantyre Synod and Rev Chapuma conducted a powerful sermon to call God’s intervention against the practice.  Zodiac radio in the evening announced that the Livingstonia CCAP and the Catholic Church in the north had jointly expressed interest to support a PDM candidate to win the parliamentary seat in Rumphi in the forthcoming by-elections. What does this suggest? Bingu is presiding over a divided nation. It is Bingu who has divided Malawians. It is very sad that a poor country like Malawi has been taken back to its historical times when citizens were first known by their tribes and later as citizens of Malawians. The two churches have openly asked the people of the north to vote for the PDM for it to act as power broker after elections. This means the north will become one power block to muster the political power to negotiate for power positions with larger winning parties for coalitions. This is known as factional politics.  It is advisable for people from the central and southern regions to emulate this political tactic. The people of central region must come together and identify one party for people in the region for to vote for. Similarly, the people of the south should identify one party to support. After the elections, each party will have to negotiate for a working coalition with a party of its choice. It must be reiterated that this is factional politics. The best approach for factional politics is to agree with potential coalition partners before elections and have legally signed agreements. This method eliminates future disagreement. It does not make any sense to talk about national unity when Bingu has already demonstrated that only one tribe matters in Malawi.

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