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Chikungunya is a relatively rare form of viral fever caused by an alphavirus that is spread by mosquito bites. The disease resembles dengue fever, and is characterized by severe, sometimes persistent, joint pain(arthitis) , as well as fever and rash. Chikungunya virus infection of Aedes albopictus was caused by a point mutation in one of the viral envelope genes. Enhanced transmission of chikungunya virus by Aedes albopictus could mean an increased risk for chikungunya outbreaks in other areas where the Asian tiger mosquito is present. CHIKV infection can cause a debilitating illness.

The almost frequently characterized by fever, worry, tiredness, sickness, vomiting, muscle pain, rash, and multilateral pain. The sickness typically starts from 3 to 7 days after an individual is bitten by an infected mosquito, but it can sometimes go upward to 12 days for symptoms to seem. Chikungunya occurs in Africa (more specifically west Africa from Senegal to Cameroon, key and eastward Africa including Central African Republic, Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, eastern Botswana, and northwest eastern parts of South Africa.

There is overly evidence of viral presence in parts of Ethiopia and Sudan. In Asia, chikungunya occurs in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Cambodia. Outbreaks have too been seen in Saudi Arabia, Papua New Guinea, and more newly, on islands in the Indian Ocean, including Rémarriage, Comoros, Mauritius, and the Seychelles. There are no particular treatments for Chikungunya. Symptomatic handling for mitigating pain and fever using anti-inflammatory drugs along with remainder normally suffices. Prevention is completely reliant upon taking steps to avert mosquito bites.

Wear lengthy sleeves and knickers. Curtains (fabric or bamboo) can too be treated with insecticide and hung at windows or doorways, to repulse or destroy mosquitoes. Get rid of mosquito breeding sites by emptying standing water from blossom pots, buckets and barrels. Change the water in pet dishes and supplant the water in fowl baths weekly. An individual with chikungunya fever or dengue should restrict their vulnerability to mosquito bites in decree to avert farther spreading the transmission. The individual should remain indoors or under a mosquito network. Use mosquito nets to defend babies, older folk and others.

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