We here at Y-Malawi want nothing more than for you to go to Malawi and experience the life transforming power  of God in heeding his Great Commission! When you are there, you encounter the richness and fullness of the Spirit in the lives of our Malawian partners. You get the opportunity to humble yourself and serve those in severe poverty. You gain a global perspective and recognize how it fits into the purpose of the Christian life. We encourage you to join us next summer and see why our 500+ alumni speak so highly of their experience in Malawi.

However…if we haven’t convinced you yet, maybe you’ll respond to a “Late Night with David Letterman” Top 1o list. I mean, if you are not convinced after reading these…I don’t know what will. Enjoy!

Reasons to Go on a trip with Y-Malawi:

10. You think you can sing and dance? …You just wait.

9. Try an organic, free-range, Malawian Sausage! It’s packed with protein…discard the tail.

8. Sky Miles…lots of sky miles.

7. You haven’t lived until you have gone to the bathroom in a hole in the ground.

6. If you give blood in Malawi, you can get out of doing it in the U.S. for a whole year!

5. Guys, nothing impresses a girl more than a picture of you with your sponsored child.

4. Looking for a pigs head? Head on over to the Nkhoma Market–they have the guaranteed lowest prices around!

3. Witness a myriad of mysterious, white dots in the night sky!

2. More sky miles…seriously.

1. Maui or Malawi, what’s really the difference?

-Compiled by Jeff Jordan

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