UNREASONABLE laws eventually fail.   Anti miniskirt laws failed so will anti-gay laws.  Anti-gay laws are unreasonable and deprive a segment of the population of their basic human rights.

Not long ago there was strong opposition towards wearing miniskirts. The opposition against miniskirts was based on a perception that women who wore miniskirts were just as good as being naked. Laws were passed to define how high or low a skirt or dress had to be. It didn’t matter how much a woman felt about her dress or skirt; it was more about how men felt provoked by the supposed nakedness.

Youth Leaguers, Young Pioneers and police became judges on whether a dress or skirt offended the law. The Youth Leaguers, Young Pioneers and the police harassed and beat women based on what they believed to breach of anti-miniskirt law. Women yearned for the freedom to choose what to wear. At that time, it seemed like that law was a permanent fixture in the law books. The law was unreasonable and destined to fail. The anti-miniskirt law was eventually repealed and ultimately women’s right to freedom triumphed. Today, women freely wear miniskirts without any fear of retribution.

Just as anti-miniskirt laws, anti-gay laws are based on perceptions. Anti-gay supporters have never seen gays in their private conduct. The opposition against gays is based on imaginations. People imagine too much. They get offended when they see people of same sex affectionately holding each other.

What’s wrong with people of the same sex walking hand in hand?

The mere permission of gay rights doesn’t mean that everyone will become gay. Gay lifestyle is merely a choice that no one should be denied.  Gay rights don’t confer the freedom to do indecent acts in public.

Just as heterosexuals making love in public can be arrested for indecent acts, the same treatment would also lawfully apply to gays. The fight for gay rights is an outcry for freedom for consenting adults to freely engage in acts in private just like heterosexuals.

Just like the anti miniskirts law failed so will all standing anti gay laws. The choice is whether people will persist with this losing battle or simply accept that it’s only a matter of time until gays can enjoy the same freedoms as heterosexuals.

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