UPND accuses SATA of Redrawing Zambia’s map, starts impeachment Campaign


OPPOSITION United Party for National Development (UPND) has accused President Michael Sata of attempting to redraw the map of the country in an effort to gain political advantage.

UPND Chairman for elections Ackson Sejani says there is no way President Sata can decide to move Chirundu from Southern Province to Lusaka province without consultation from necessary stakeholders.

Mr. Sejani says the PF government should be careful with their maneuvers stating that if not stopped, they the potential bring about strife in the country.

He told a media briefing in Lusaka this morning Monday 2/6 that President Sata is only making such decisions to reward chiefs that supported him during elections with paramount Chief positions.

Mr. Sejani says the UPND will use every mean to ensure that the shifting of Chirundu to southern province is not done.
And Siavonga Member of Parliament Kennedy Hamudulu says the people of southern province will not accept any changes in the province. Mr. Hamudulu says if the government saw it fit to make changes, it would have followed the right procedure of consultation instead of using the back door.

The Patriotic Front (PF) government is alleged to be in the process of moving Chirundu from being part of Southern province to Lusaka province.

OPPOSITION UPND has launched the campaign to impeach President Michael Sata in the Eastern province.
Douglas Syakalima made the launch in Msanzala during the Campaign for the MMD parliamentary candidate Peter Daka in the forthcoming by-election in the area, saying the party has made progress in ensuring that President Sata was impeached for the mutilation of the constitution.
Syakalima said the UPND alone would not achieve the impeachment process hence the need to work with the former ruling party.
He explained that at the party could not wait until 2016 to havePresident Sata and the PF government removed from power during an election because they would destroy the country to make it difficult for the next government to operate.
The opposition senior political advisor to UPND president Hakainde Hichilema said Zambia was steadily turning into a totalitarian state at the rate President Sata was governing the nation, adding that waiting for 2016 the situation will be ungovernable with the PF.
Syakalima whose party is campaigning for MMD’s Daka, told the people of Msanzala that the MMD worked very well to unite the people of Zambia by equal sharing the responsibilities of governance among all
tribes unlike the PF’s approach of promoting a particular region.
“UPND is here to give support to the MMD and Honourable Peter Daka because we have seen that the PF and its President have no plan to govern this nation, their only preoccupation is to jail Rupiah Banda,
Dora Siliya, Peter Daka himself and other people from this province who saved in the previous regime. For Rupiah Banda they want to have more MPs in parliament in order to remove RB’s immunity.
So with us have decided that after seeing the good things that Rupiah did to us people in the Southern province we have said no to taking RB to jail therefore, we should support MMD in Msanzala,” said Syakalima.
He said President Sata from the time he was elected President of
Zambia had made many mistakes which calls for his impeachment among them the nomination of more MPs rather than the required number of 10.
Syakalima said President Sata had lied to the people of Zambia that the former MMD government had printed fake money, the pronouncement which had put the economy of Zambia under pressure to compete with other economies in the region.
He said President Sata had directed Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) to jail former Vice president George Kunda, former Education minister Dora Siliya and other MMD senior officials some of who were
appearing in courts of laws, the situation which has compromised the office of the DPP.
“The Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) don’t report to anyone including the President and we were surprised that President Sata was directing Mutembo Nchito to go for individuals and to ensure that they are jailed. That is unconstitutional and as I said the President has no powers to do that. As Zambians we need to protect the constitution and that is why we want this man impeached,” amid applauds from the people of Msanzala.
Syakalima said President Sata thinks that all Zambians were thieves because of the people he surrounds him and his thieving mind.

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