1. If he was sick and not dead why was he rushed to Kamuzu Central Hospital instead of being flown to South Africa immediately where he could get better treatment.
2. If he was alive at Kamuzu Central Hospital, why would his children, his wife and government officials leave the hospital and leave him alone in the afternoon as they did.
3. If he is in a healthy state why would he not address the nation to put to rest the rumours?
4. If Bingu was ok, Why would the Vice President Joyce Banda go on radio in the evening and clearly state that as soon as she heard the President was ill, she was concerned and on live radio wished him a quick recovery?
5. How could a 78 year old man go through a cardiac arrest treatment for more than 4 hours.
6. Why was he flown to South Africa using the old Airport, instead of letting well wishers see him off at Kamuzu International airport where he would normally fly from.
7. Why when Presidential spokesman Hetherwick Ntaba was asked about the death report, he snapped: “No comment.”
8. Why would 15 soldiers from the Malawi Army have been deployed to guard the Malawi leader Joyce Banda at her residence after the meeting at Gondwe’s house agreed unanimously that she has to be involved and come into the scene quickly.
9. It is said that people saw him flown out on a stretcher, his whole body was covered with a white sheet, if he was alive why would they cover him up even his face like a dead person.

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