Malawi’s ruling People’s Party wore a brave face over the weekend, saying it rank and file is not shaken with events surrounding Section 65 because its main focus is on developing the country.

PP Spokesperson Mr. Stephen Mwenye said this at a time when one concerned MP obtained a court injunction on Thursday night.

The in injunction restrained Speaker of Parliament Henry Chimunthu Banda from declaring vacant seats of several lawmakers including senior cabinet ministers who ditched DPP to join PP.

But PP Spokesperson Mr. Steven Mwenye says his party is not shaken with the whole saga, even if it turns out that the affected MP’s are booted out of parliament, for crossing the floor.

“In the first place, as a party, we don’t want to discuss this issue. But let me say we aren’t moved with the whole Section 65 because our president is simply focusing her attention on developing the country,” said Mwenye.

Meanwhile, the DPP has vowed to fight on. But the DPP has vowed to leave no stone unturned until the Speaker of the National Assembly, declares vacant, all the seats held by the defectors.

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