With the recent reports of campus girls caught with MPs and holding private parties with wenye nchi, it goes without saying that university girls from local public universities have nothing to look up to.

Rumor has it that a first year student at Moi University has broken the record by sleeping with 90 university students in a clean 50 days; Guinness World Book of records should award her ama?

The lady who is alleged to have slept with the men has released a list and announced to her victims that they are now infected with HIV and an STI. Recently another list was released by another lady from the same campus who claimed to have slept with 132 students and infected them with HIV.

Question is, are these chics total knock outs that men in the campus cant contain themselves or is sex just like food for the soul in this campus?

The men are now having sleepless nights as the student claimed to have even made them aware of her status but they took it for a joke and went on sleeping with her without rubber. Word has it that she does NOT even regret what she has done; she says you can’t cry over spilt milk, either way what’s done is done! Some of the students said that all that was just a rumor and an initiative by the school administration to stop students from illicit affairs.

Source: http://scoophunters.com/2012/06/26/kenyan-first-year-student-infects-90-students-with-hiv-in-50-days/

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