Minibus owners in Malawi are finalizing a campaign to have their minibuses coded-labeled to indicate their routes- as one way of reducing road accidents.

The system they say will also help them to regulate and identify minibuses that are supposed to be found and operate in particular areas.

Spokesperson of Minibus Owners Association of Malawi Coxey Kamange said the move will also help to ease congestion of minibuses in the locations and to know the number of minibuses in a particular area.

Said Kamange: “We are positive that this will be for the betterment of everyone since a lot of accidents that happen are due to minibuses traveling longer distances.

“And currently we are discussing with the Road Traffic Regulatory.”

Road Traffic Directorate director Jacques Manong’a said the initiative will also help to properly regulate the number of minibuses in the country and the capacity they are to travel since some minibuses are not required to travel at more than 150 kilometers.

They are expectations that the minibuses will have special signs for passengers to know which minibus is supposed to be found at a particular area.

The coding will be done for free.

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