Nafe, Tamara sent packing as StarGame houses merge


After two months in Downville, Talia and Wati dodged the dagger and were upgraded to Upville while Tamara and Nafe were sent packing.

During the Live Eviction Show, the Malawian cousins clad in complementary silver suits were the first ones to leave the House followed by the gorgeous Zambian sisters.

The first Housemate to leave the stage was Nafe followed by Tamara.

The Zambian girls left Downville in style in their black sexy numbers; instead of leaving her belt behind, Talia decided to wrap her man Seydou’s name-belt around her waist while Tamara was held up in the air by Kyle.

What was awesome about Talia’s move was that Seydou was actually in the Live Show audience.

With only four Downvillers left, Jannette being the last woman standing, there was no doubt that the four had left a wide gap in their former abode.

However, IK announced that Downville would be closing down tonight, what will happen to the four Downville Diners?
Just as the Upvillers were warming up to new arrivals Talia and Wati, Biggie delivered a surprise package for them.

All neatly wrapped up and left in the garden, Jannette, Kyle, Malonza and Alex had been automatically upgraded to Upville. Biggie didn’t think it would be fun to have just four Housemates in Downville and decided on the pleasant surprise.

The reactions were electric as the Upvillers saw Jannette, Kyle, Malonza and Alex elevated and revealed to their new Housemates.

The battle lines are drawn and with 12 Housemates in Upville, there will be no peace. Upville started off with just seven Starmates and as the Downvillers started moving in, insecurities set in but with four disqualifications and two Evictions, the Upvillers seemed to have settled down.

How will the merger change the current status quo in the House?

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