Inspector General of Police Lot Dzonzi has warned he will not shield any police officer who mistreats suspects but he would order the prosecution of such law enforcers whom he said are bent at denting the image of the police.

Dzonzi gave an example of a Natural Resources College student Edson Msiska who was brutally murdered in a Mzuzu Police Station cell after the law enforcers there picked him up for questioning after he was allegedly found with “stolen property.”

“We have completed the investigations and we are ready for prosecution. The people (officers) involved (in the murder) will go to court,” said Dzonzi at a press conference he co-hosted with Minister of Home Affairs Uladi Mussa last week.

He also gave an example of another incident in Chirimba, Blantyre, where a businessman unknowingly dropped off a bag of money containing K600,000 and when people picked the bag, they handed it over to two police officers who were nearby.

Instead of returning the money, Dzonzi explained, the officers gave K20,000 to each of the person who came and shared the rest between themselves.

“This happened just three days ago. We have arrested the police officers because this is a crime. How can I shield such police officers?” said Dzonzi.

In Karonga, Dzonzi went on, two police officers fought at a public place, saying this is an offence not only to police officers but to any civilian.

“Police officers should always be professional. The issue of police officers committing crime is of serious concern.

“Where there is evidence, we should take appropriate action, if it’s of criminal in nature, we take criminal procedures, [and] if it has to do with discipline, disciplinary measures would be taken,” he said.

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