Chancellor College is reportedly refusing to release unmarked examination scripts of Master of Finance and Control e-learners meant to be sent for marking in India, demanding US$6,000 (approximately K1.7 million) tuition fee from each student.

Universities in India offer televised lectures to international students and Chancellor College hosts e-learning centre for Malawian students.

But a year later since writing end of semester four examinations, it has been discovered that Chancellor College did not forward the scripts to Amity University in India for marking as results indicate that no Malawian student sat for the said examinations.

“When Amity University released end of semester four results, results showed that we [Malawian students] were absent from the list. But this is because Chancellor College did not submit the scripts for marking,” said Christopher Zambira, a representative of the students.

Zambira said as a host, Chancellor College is only responsible for centre coordination and administration of the whole project while Indian universities deliver the content through their own government paid up lecturers and technological expenses, hence the demand for tuition fees is uncalled for.

“We have since moved for judicial review and contempt of court proceedings against the college for constructively absenting us from the examinations,” he said, adding the court is expected to give its ruling this month.

The contempt of court matter has arisen as the same students last year got an injunction restraining Chancellor College Registrar Vyson Jedegwa, Principal Chris Kamlongera and the University Council from demanding tuition fees until the court makes its determination on the matter.

“The Respondents [Registrar, Principal and Council] do not have a right, contractual or otherwise to demand the applicants to pay tuition fees to University of Malawi for the Master in Finance and Control Programme, the same being offered by Amity University of India under the Pan African E-Learning Project.

“The decision requiring the applicants to pay tuition fees to University of Malawi is in breach of Section 43 of the Constitution as it does not comply with the requirements of administrative justice,” reads the students’ affidavit in support of the injunction.

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