Bunda College in Lilongwe which is also a constituent college of the just emerging Lilongwe University is to be indefinately closed on Friday 27th July, 2012 for a minimum of 2 weeks and maximum of 2 months to pave the way for the impasse that is there to be settled. Students are demanding that their Principal should resign but in a meeting yesterday between Bunda management and LUANAR council they have agreed to close the college today and call students later, the meeting is to continue this morning where they will agree with the ministry to close the college and this time around they will use Police officers to drive students away that they should not get another injuction as they did last time.

In a related development Malawi times got secret information that Bunda College principal is to not going to renew his contract as principal but he is to be a new position as Vice Chancellor of LUANAR.

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