There are sick men in this world who salivate at the sight of a three-year-old toddler learning to crawl. They are so sick that the next thing you would hear is that they have been arrested by the police for defilement.

There is a solution to that; hunting them down and sending them to prison. But how easy would that be?

Since we cannot easily identify such men, psychology experts believe the best way is to teach our children about sex at an early age. If they notice unusual advances from sick men, they would report to their parents or relatives.

However, most parents still pretend that children are not ready to be exposed to adult content but meanwhile men continue to prey on our children. These girls are traumatised and might not live a normal life again.

We must admit that a lot is happening around us and we can no longer claim that our culture prevents us from talking about sex in the presence of children. Children need to know such issues because if they don’t, we are putting them at greater risk.

Children, especially girls, need to have right information about sex. It would help them as they grow although the immediate aim is to discourage defilement.

We might ignore it but we very well know that if they do not get the right message from parents, they will get wrong information about sex from elsewhere and that is more dangerous.

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