United States Secretary of State Hilary Clinton is scheduled to make a brief visit to Malawi this Sunday, to discuss economic and political governance reforms with President Joyce Banda.

This is part of her 11 day tour to some of African countries including Senegal, South Sudan, Uganda and Kenya where she will meet heads of state to discuss security, prospective general elections, governance and economic issues.

A statement signed by the US Embassy Public Affairs Officer Benjamin Canavan in Lilongwe, Clinton will travel to some African countries including Malawi from July 31 to August 10, 2012.

Canavan says during the trip, Clinton will highlight U.S. policy commitments outlined in the Presidential Policy Directive.

The policy aims at strengthening democratic institutions, encourage economic growth, advance peace and security as well as promoting opportunity and development for all citizens.

The United States is one of the key bilateral donors for Malawi which hugely supports the agriculture, education among other sectors.

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