Village elders will allow 17 year old Mswati William Kanjedza who will be installed Inkosi Gomani V of Ntcheu on Sunday to continue with his education at Kamuzu Academy, one of the coronation organisers Impi Kandi Padambo said on Friday.

An Impi Padambo is the chief’s adviser.

“Currently Mswati William Kanjedza is doing his O levels at Kamuzu Academy and in all fairness, we expect him to proceed to write his A levels in readiness for college education,”said Impi Padambo.

Impi Padambo said, after all, the arrangement would not look strange because while the 17-year-old Mswati William Kanjedza was schooling, Regent Malinki has been running the affairs of the Ngoni chieftaincy.

“I therefore think that as a clan, we’ll meet soon after his coronation to chart the way forward on the matter. But of course, I know that everybody will be in support of this,” he said.

As a Ngoni Mswati William Kanjedza will be inheriting the throne of his late father, Inkosi Gomani IV.

The coronation will take place on August 5 at his headquarters in Ntcheu.

According to Impi Padambo, Inkosi Gomani has subjects in as far as Mozambique.

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