The future of two teenage daughters aged 14 and 16 is in jeopardy after being defiled and impregnated by their step father in a ritual designed to improve the father’s small scale business.

The father identified as Witness Namphungo, 42, from Chokonola village T/A Chikowi in Zomba, went to a witch doctor to seek herbs to improve his business.

According to Police in Zomba, the herbalist advised Namphungo to have sex with his daughters as part of the ritual to improve the business.

Namphungo had a challenge to carry his nefarious actions without the blessing of the mother of the two daughters whom he married in 2007.

However, in March this year, Namphungo managed to convince his wife and they planned that the mother should travel to the village to give Namphungo the chance to have sex with the daughters.

Zomba Police spokesperson Thomeck Nyaude said evidence gathered indicates Namphungo started defiling the older sister aged 16.

“Having defiled the older daughter for a month, she became pregnant and he asked her to abort which she did,” he said.

He then started defiling the younger step daughter who became pregnant too.

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