The Democratic Progressive Party DPP has announced that it will hold its first national conference in five years this November 2012.

This will also be the first time the party will elect its leaders including the party’s presidency.

The party’s publicity secretary Nicholas Dausi in an interview said the party will release more details later on the impending convention.

However, many are sceptical that the DPP, which has never elected its leaders since its formation will hold its conference in November. We will believe it when it happens.

“The question of how much will be needed and how many delegates will come to the convention will addressed in the near future.” Said Dausi.

The announcement comes after Peoples Party is poised for a convention this month end and as some disgruntled members of DPP are calling for a convention accusing the party of losing direction.

“Hon, secretary general, we implore upon you to do as proposed by we the concerned members, time is not on our side.” Warned the disgruntled members in a letter to the secretary general of the party Wakuda Kamanga signed by Nampinga.

The group has demonised the leadership of Peter Mutharika and the party’s treasure General George Chaponda.

They accused the party leadership of handling party resources as a personal estate among several other accusations.

They think the current leader of DPP is associated with bad laws changed in parliament, citing the enactment of section 46 and failure to deal with the academic freedom saga.

The ruling People’s Party is holding its first ever convention end this month.

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