Over 4,000 former Malawi young pioneers are planning to stage demonstrations on Monday, September 17, 2012, against the way the government is handling their unpaid dues grievances.

The young pioneers have been complaining that the government is downplaying their outstanding concerns on gratuity, pension, Notice pay, leave grants and compensation dating back to 1994.

The Young Pioneers was the paramilitary wing of the Malawi Congress Party when it was in power for 31 years and their commander-In-Chief was the country’s first President Hastings Kamuzu Banda.

The group was disarmed and disbanded in 1993 by officers of the Malawi Defence Force during operation Bwezani.

National Cordinator of the defunct now defunct group Grey Chisale said “we have been meeting government officials several times who assured us that we will get our payments after the passing of the this year’s budget in parliament, but nothing has happened.”

Chisale told the media that they were expected to receive their terminal benefits in May 2011.

There was no immediate comment from both the chief Secretary to the president and Cabinet Bright Msaka and the principal secretary for Public Service Management on the matter.

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