The country’s problems can not be solved overnight nor can they just go mysteriously, according the Political Scientist Professor Blessings Chinsinga.

Chisinga was speaking in at the sidelines of the launch of Center for Multiparty Democracy (CMD) Strategic plan for 2012-2016 in Lilongwe.

“The problems we are facing as a country cannot just go without a fight. Politicians need to work tirelessly, we need a developmental state not a politicking one.

“The country’s list of gains is shorter than that of losses. There is lack of constitutionalism culture looking at the speed on how we amend our constitution and the selection in applying the rule of law.

“There is also the issue of poverty, a lot of people are unable to participate in politics because of poverty. Since 1994, about 205 poverty alleviation programs have been put in place but the gap between the poor and the rich is still widening which result into the crisis of confidence among the voters,” he said.

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