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Zimbabweans line up demo against Mugabe at UN Headquarters

Zimbabweans in the US are being urged to turn up at the UN Headquarters to demonstrate against President Mugabe on Saturday.

According to the organisers of the demonstration, the 21st Movement Free Zimbabwe Global Protest, the protest is to show the world that Mugabe “is now an illegitimate leader who should not be welcomed by the United Nations for the General Assembly”.

Denford Moyo, the Global Coordinator 21st Movement, Free Zimbabwe Global Protest, said the march, dubbed Operation Take Back Zimbabwe (OTBZ), will be joined by other demonstrations being organised in London and other centres.
The demonstrators will also be thanking the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) Organ Troika on Defense and Security Co-operation for taking a bold stance to give Mugabe a deadline of October 7 and 8 to resolve the impasse in the constitution process in Zimbabwe.

The organisers also urged the rest of Zimbabweans in the world to do whatever they can to support the demonstration.
“Just take time at your work (even if it is ten minutes), at your homes, at your schools, at your universities, or at your churches, on Face Book, on Twitter, and even personal press statements to newspapers and websites – just send the message.”

The 67th General Assembly is opening on Tuesday and Moyo said the 21st Movement would be there in full force to let the world ‘know of Mugabe’s brutality and his madness”.

…”we will hound him (Mugabe) wherever he goes in New York to let him know that the people of Zimbabwe are sick and tired of his tyrannical rule and we want freedom now…we can send a united message to the world that we want our country back.”

Moyo said because Zanu (PF) party had shown that it had no real interest in following the civil process, which had been put in place by the African Union and the SADC regional bodies, “we will stop at nothing to bring public awareness to Mugabe’s lawlessness and brutality against the Zimbabwean people”. He said the International Criminal Court should be brought against Zanu (PF) for the 80’s genocide, the political murders in 2000, 2002, 2008, Marange murders and corruption and Murambatsvina, which displaced 700 000 people and affected 3.1 million people.
“Enough is enough; we will embarrass him to a point that he will regret ever attending the 2012 UN General Assembly in the first place.”

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