Controversial dancing queen and singer Wendy Harawa, who was arrested on Wednesday by Fiscal Police, said Friday that she has nothing to say about her arrest.

The female singer said she is not interested in talking about the issue since the damage has already been done since she was not given the chance to be heard.

“I have nothing to say and I am not interested to talk. In the first place, you already wrote about my arrest on Wednesday and so what do you want to write now? Everything has been done. I think I make good sales for The Daily Times so let’s just leave it,” said Wendy before excusing herself that she was busy with rehearsals ahead of a show.

She admitted that she went to the Police Station on her own and was wondering that The Daily Times reported that she was arrested.

“Maybe I do not understand the meaning of arrest, maybe you were right in your headline but I was never locked up; why are you saying I was locked up? I was at the Police Station but I did not enter the cell or jail,” said the singer Thursday.

Deputy Police Public Relations Officer Senior Superintendent Kelvin Maigwa on Wednesday confirmed the arrest of Wendy before calling later to reveal that she was given bail.

“Yes it’s true; she was arrested by police before she was taken to Lingadzi Police. It’s an issue to do with her bolting with Mampi’s money but she has now been released on bail,” said Maigwa.

The police spokesperson could not disclose the charge Wednesday but a source who was on the scene said Wendy was charged with theft by trick.

The source who is closer to Phindu Promotions, organisers who brought the Zambian diva for performances in Blantyre and Lilongwe in August, said Wendy was arrested around 11 o’clock on Wednesday after she failed to pay back the K300,000.

“It’s an issue which the Police started investigating since it was reported by the media. The organisers Phindu Promotions wanted to solve it out without involving the police but Wendy was not cooperative. Actually the K150,000 was paid by her relative,” said the source.

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