Malawi government is planning to contruct a new training college for special needs teachers in the country as one way of promoting education for special needs children.

The Ministry of Education Public Relations Officer, Lindiwe Chide said the decision was made following the continued shortage of professional special needs teachers in the country.

She further said currently, they were using an inclusive programme in which special needs children are incorporated into the same classes with other learners.

“The Ministry is making sure that schools have all the required resources for the special needs learners in the country in order to create a conducive environment for such learners.

“And once the college is completed there would be more well trained teachers in the country which will help to enhance the education of the children who require special attention,” said Chide.

Chide then urged parents and guardians to be sending their special needs children to school.

“So I advise all parents and guardians to send children with special needs to school,” she said adding that her Ministry was also working hand-in-hand with the Ministry of Disability and the Elderly in making sure those children who are physically challenged should also have access to education.

Currently many schools in Malawi are using regular teachers to teach such children due to lack of adequate special needs teachers.

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