After registering ove 150 000 customers in its mobile banking innitiative, Airtel Money, the company has said it is committed to bring banking services to the rural cummunitties.

In Malawi, people living in the rural areas are mostly sidelined in the banking sector mostly due to unavailability of the services.

Airtel Malawi launched Mobile banking months ago to enable customers have easy access to the account.

The company’s Mobile Banking Manager Andrew Santhe said they have made strides in improving network in the rural areas which has enabled people to have easy access to their accounts and other banking services.

“We are doing our best to have them access and utilise their money without many problems. Mobile Banking depends on good network and now our network is available in many areas as manifested in the ongoing promotions through which alot of rural people have won different prizes.

“We would want to see people transacting business at any time and any place without beeing denied so because the banks are closed. We are doing our best to meet the demand,” he said.

Mobile Banking service allows subscribers to send and recieve money, direct payment of utility bills and access to their banking services.

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