Outspoken Consumer Association of Malawi (Cama) Executive Director John Kapito has suggested a ten-point strategy the government should adopt to help it in its economic recovery plan (ERP).

Among the suggestions, Kapito calls the president and her vice to reduce local and international travel, trim the size of entourages on such trips, trim the size of the president’s convoy by 50 percent, sell all ministerial Mercs.

The ten-point plan also asks ministers to be travelling economy class on foreign trips, the disposal of some state residences which he says continue to be an economic drain, 50 percent reduction of ministers fuel allowance, abolition of some support staff to ministers such as personal assistants.

Kapito said the plan was a reaction to the lack of substance of the recent launched ERP.

“Government has for the past few weeks assured Malawians that it will introduce National Expenditure cutting measures but unfortunately the measures have not been specific and no clear guidelines have been provided for their monitoring,” reads the statement.

Kapito further faulted the government for rushing to announce the cuts in their salary to the public without parliamentary approval saying this was in breach to the country’s laws.

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