Two children residing in ZoloZolo township in Mzuzu on Sunday endured death allegedly premeditated by their Aunt Vitumbiko Myota via the supremacy of Satanism.

Speaking in an interview, the 17-year-old Agnes, (real name withheld), disclosed that her bosses living down the sea ordered her to kill the off springs of her sister Tasitana as a punishment after she had failed to take lives of almost 250 people as per terms and conditions contracted when she took an oath of the Satanism mission.

“They ordered me to kill 250 people just in only two months. I tried my best but nothing was achieved because my sister was praying hard for me,” confessed the daughter on frontage of the entire worshippers of ZoloZolo West CCAP Synod of Livingstonia Church.

She added that she could never see the children of her sister in the dark when she wanted to slay them.

According to Mr. and Mrs. Mweso, the parents to the two children, Agnes has been an allusive girl since two months ago when the family started complaining about her rude behavior.

“I just thank God for delivering my sister. The girl was very rude that she could not listen to any pierce advice,” complained her sister while shading tears with the shame the girl has brought to their family.

Tasiyana added that she had been praying day and night so that Agness could be saved.

The girl, a student at Luwinga Secondary School in Mzuzu, Satanism ministry claimed that she joined two months ago until yesterday when she confessed at the entire CCAP congregation.

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