Police in Mzuzu have netted a 40-year-old woman, Angelina Mushani, for allegedly brewing wine using Indian hemp.

The law enforcers pounced on Mushani at residence in Chiputula Township during a sweeping exercise on Tuesday.

Police spokesperson , Morice Chapola, told the media that suspect used the illegal herb locally known as `chamba`, Mushani intensify the alcohol percentage of the liquor so that her clients quickly get drunk.

Chapola said the woman flanked the officers that since she started brewing wine using herb, dozens of customers have been trickling for what they described the best wine in the area.

Meanwhile Chapola has since issued a strong warning to perpetrators. “ We issue a stern warning to the perpetrators that anyone commits this offense will face the law. We further advise concerned citizens to report such cases to police,” added Chapola.

Chapola added that, “as police, we are pleading to the general public to desist from using this drug.”

During similar exercise, the law enforcers have arrested four other suspects for similar offence.

She will appear in court soon to answer charges of being found in possession of Indian hemp. Angelina Mushani comes from Ngana village T/A Mwakaoko Karonga district.

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