Of coach Kinnah and cocktail of confusion


Fam is trying to play a funny game with Flames coach Kinnah Phiri, the man who has inflicted deep wounds on our souls.

This is the gentleman who a couple of weeks ago enjoyed a free police escort from the ground to the dressing room, to keep him away from the marauding mob after he messed up things at Civo Stadium in Lilongwe.

It is ironic that for his continuous failure, Fam executive has decided to reward him with a refresher trip to Germany to polish up his rusty brain.

Here millions of Malawi’s tax payers’ money is being wasted on this coach who makes sure that our football lags behind and rots in its stagnant state.

The meeting made these decisions after the team’s shoddy performance in the Africa Nations Cup qualifiers.

But there are other grey areas the committee possibly did not consider.

I strongly believe that the Flames’ failure is also because of Kinnah’s attitude towards certain players and his backroom staff members.

Up to now I fail to understand why Robert Ng’ambi, our main guy who attacks from the centre was frozen out of the system in Accra during the first Afcon leg.

To make matters worse Kinnah decided to field the football magician as a right winger in the reverse fixture in Lilongwe.

The coach also has no interest in watching Super League games which is the catchment area of the national team and has a horde of talented players.

Any serious coach, given the sensitivity of that position, would seriously not afford to miss top league matches.

The executive committee should have also investigated the relationship between Kinnah and his backroom staff. Is he a listening coach? Does he take advice from his backroom staff?

Do not hoodwink us that sending him for a coaching course in Germany would help matters.

There is a danger that in trying to cover up opportunistic decisions, Fam tend to lose focus and end up coming up with useless recommendations.

How could Fam and sports minister pledge to give a coach a two year contract when they knew that he had crucial games ahead that would determine his fate, and to make matters worse award him with a contract immediately after exiting from competitions?

I fail to provide answers to my readers who feel confused and betrayed by our football system.

All I can tell them is that Fam and the sports minister have thrown our beautiful game into a cocktail of confusion.

Even if the coach was sent to Germany for a Masters degree in coaching, don’t expect him to produce a beautiful ending to this story.

It is, perhaps, only in Malawi where failure is rewarded and mismanagement is celebrated.

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