Supreme court of Appeal Judge Rezine Mzikamanda is the new director of the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) after members of the Public Appointments Committee of Parliament (PAC) approved his appointment.

Mzikamanda, replaces Alex Nampota who was reportedly removed from his position after President Joyce Banda assumed office.

President Banda appointed Mzikamanda after the PAC memebers earlier rebuffed the appointment of Victor Banda as assistant ACB director.
In June,2012, President Banda also appointed Mzikamanda as judge of the Supreme court for what she said his dedication and commitment at the High Court.

The committee met last week where among other issues made its determination on the new ACB director.

Some development partners were withholding their financial support to the country due the absence of the director at the graft bursting body.

Chairman of the committee Nick Masewo confirmed of the meetings on Monday but refused to give details of the outcome of the meeting on the issues.

“Yes the committee had an activity last week for a week, which one of the activity included that of the ACB director. We handled the committee and we concluded our activities but the appointing authority will be in a better place to talk about the outcome of our determination,” said Masewo.

However, in a separate interview, minister of information and the government spokesperson Moses Kunkuyu confirmed of the approval.

“We thank the Public Appointments committee of parliament for conducting very fairs interviews of the name that was proposed (Justice Rezine Mzikamanda) as the director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau.

“As government we have always been committed to see to it that every institution that is handling matters of importance to the public and in this case the ACB should operate with all legally instituted positions filled and in operation,” said Kunkuyu.

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