The government of Zambia has invited interested Malawian traders to purchase maize from that country, following the country’s lifting of export ban on maize and wheat products.

On May 11, 2012, the Zambian government banned the export of maize and wheat bran to reserve the products for livestock development in the country.

A statement from Zambian High Commission released Tuesday, signed by Press Secretary, Chansa Kabwela, quotes Zambia’s High Commissioner to Malawi Billy Munyumbwe:

“The Zambian government effected the ban to protect the livestock industry and now this decision has been reversed.

“We are calling upon all the various business people and institutions in Malawi which might be interested in importing maize and wheat bran to look no further than the Zambian market to procure the commodities as they are being offered at relatively competitive prices.”

According to the statement Zambia has this year produced 2.8 million tonnes of maize, which is 300,000 tonnes above the country’s total national maize consumption of 2.5 million tonnes.

Zambia’s offer comes at a time there is conflicting information from government officials on the country’s maize reserves. Some have said there is enough maize in the country, while others say the country does not have maize in its reserves.

The National Food Reserve Agency (NFRA) recently refused to divulge information to the media on how much maize it has in its reserves.

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