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President Joyce Banda’s PP courts MCP for a working relationship

The recent move that has been taken by opposition Members of Parliament (MPS) from the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and the United Democratic Front (UDF) to go back to their roots from working with the ruling People’s Party (PP) has forced the latter to court Malawi Congress Party (MCP) for a working relationship in the Malawi National Assembly Face Of Malawi has learnt.

According to local media reports, Malawi’s Vice President Khumbo Kachali held a meeting with MCP President and Leader of opposition in the National Assembly John Tembo at his area 12 residence in the Capital City Lilongwe Monday Night where it has been reported that senior officials from both camps were also in attendance.

According to the local media reports, the ruling People’s Party has done so in order to beef up its numbers in the house because at the moment they are in minority with 80 members while the opposition has the majority with 110 members.

“Yes, I can confirm. Khumbo Kachali met with MCP leaders in a bid to try and strike a deal on possible working relationship with the ruling party in parliament. In return, Tembo has been promised public appointments of his party officials into various departments including the cabinet,” a source who sought anonymity was quoted as saying by an online publication, Nyasa Times.

PP’s Deputy Spokesperson Ken Nsonda has also been quoted by the online publication as to be confirming about the meeting but could not give out more details about the agenda of the gathering.

“I heard about those reports, but as PP, our leadership does meet leaders of other political parties from time to time and there is no secret about that. So if the purported meeting was about cementing a working partnership in national assembly as you are putting it then it is a welcome development because it’s for the good of the nation,” he was quoted as saying by Nyasa Times.

Veteran politicians Gwanda Chakuamba and Kamlepo Kalua of the ‘Chwe Mwana Chwe’ fame are also reported to have been enticed by the Joyce Banda’s administration to render them support ahead of the crucial 2014 Presidential and Parliamentary General Elections.

Just recently, about 10 members of Parliament from the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) that included Aaron Sangala from Ndirande announced their return to the former ruling party from the PP.

Sangala made his announcement during a mass rally that was held at Njamba Freedom Park in the commercial city of Blantyre where he asked for forgiveness for his earlier decision to join PP.

The rally that was attended by thousands of party followers was addressed by Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) acting President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika who announced that the party will hold its National Convention in December.

On the same development, Atupele Muluzi, son to former Head of State of the Republic of Malawi Dr Bakili Muluzi recently resigned as Economic Planning Minister in a move which has been favoured by political analysts so that he should concentrate on rehabilitating his campaign ahead of the 2014 polls.

Reports on the local Joy Radio are currently saying that the young Muluzi will this coming Sunday, November 18, 2012 hold a rally at Njamba Freedom Park in Blantyre.
Meanwhile, MCP spokesperson Tony Kandiero demanded for more time in order to consult with his bosses in Lilongwe.

Since the change of government in April this year, Tembo has enjoyed special favours from the Malawi leader Joyce Banda as evidenced by public appointments of his close family members.

“Despite meeting Tembo this time around, Kachali has long been resisting Tembo’s links to president Banda fearing for his running mate position” said government insiders.

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