Going around every corner of the country distributing maize the way President Joyce Banda is doing is not the job description of a Head of State, the Consumers Association of Malawi (CAMA) said on Sunday.

President Banda is personally distributing maize to villagers, an act that has drawn public condemnation that she is being off track the presidency.

“Why should the whole president be moving around distributing maize instead of making policies that will help Malawians from the current economic crisis,” CAMA Executive Director John Kapito told Zodiak’s award winning flagship hard talk interview, Tiuzeni Zoona.

“The problem is that President Joyce Banda has not transformed herself from the previous Joyce Banda. She has to realize that she is now the Head of State. She can’t be running around distributing maize, that’s being visionless”.

He said “we did not tell her that her job would be distributing maize because that is not her job. Let us be serious as a country.”

Kapito also attacked President Banda, accusing him of being a puppet of the donors.

“Every time she says donors told me to do this….. donors told me to that……she is not in control,” said Kapito.

The CAMA Executive Director then confirmed that mass protests against the high cost of living will take place January next year.

But the ruling party has so far launched a blistering attack on Kapito, accusing him of waging a personal vendetta against the current government.

A statement from the party’s deputy spokesperson Ken Msonda said Kapito expected favours from the Banda regime but because he was left out that is why he is ranting at the administration, an allegation Kapito has always trashed.

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